what is side effect of keraglo forte tablet?

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ACTIONS Vitamins are vital for the normal metabolism in body. Vitamins vary in their chemical structure and are supplied in small amounts in diet, because they are not synthesised in body or their rate of production is not sufficient for maintenance of heakh(eg.niacin-synthesisfwrrttryptophan.) Vitamin-deficiency inbody may lead to development of deficiency symptoms. Spirulina is the only source of superoxide dumatase enzyme, besides human body, which is known for its antioxidant activity. It is the richest known source of betacarotene, which is 10 times higher than in carrots. Vitamin B Complex is present in high concentration in spirulina. INDICATIONS As an antioxidant for prevention of diseases involving free radicals e.g. cancer, cataract etc.; nutritional agent; stimulation of thyroid gland, immune system and prostaglandin level; as a probiotic for building body's resistance; as therapeutic supplement in treatment of malignancy, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis; for growing & malnourished children; prevents atherosclerosis, dilates blood vessels and prevents platelet aggregation in blood vessels; diabetic control; prevention of xerophthalmia, cataract and nightblindness; prophylaxis against precancerous lesions like oral leu-koplakia and submucous fibrosis. SIDE EFFECTS No known side effect or contraindication. DOSAGE One capsule a day or as directed by the Physician. PRESENTATION 15 capsules in a bottle with individual carton. O TABLETS (INDIA) LIMITED 179, T.H. Road, Madras - 600 081.
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